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On High Falls Flowage in Marinette County near Crivitz, Wisconsin

N10184 Parkway Rd.

Crivitz, WI 54114


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Modern Housekeeping Cottages

Nestled between the pine trees, these ultra modern two and three bedroom cottages are spaced well apart from each other to insure the utmost in privacy. These cabins come with all the modern conveniences including flush toilets, showers, kitchen facilities and color TVs. Bed linens, blankets, dishes and cooking utensils are also included.

Housekeeping Cottage Rates




#4 - 2 Bedroom (Up to 4 people)



#5 - 1 Bedroom (Up to 2 people)



#6 - 2 Bedroom (Up to 4 people)



#7 - 2 Bedroom (Up to 4 people)



#8 - 3 Bedroom (Up to 6 people)


Extra people are an additional $25 per day/$150 per week.
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Cottage #4

Cottage #4 is handicap accessible with a ramp and
deck area. Inside there is a porch with additional
space and large windows offering a nice breeze
and a view of the resort area.

Cottage #6

Just a short walk from the lodge and marina,
Cottage #6 has a large screen porch offering
a view of the marina and extra room
to relax and enjoy the fresh air.

Click on photos for interior photos and additional information.

 Unit #7

Cottage #7 is just a few steps from the marina and
there is a great view from the small front porch.

  Unit #8

This roomy 3 bedroom cottage overlooks the marina
and has a screen porch for additional space.

 N10184 Parkway Rd.

 Crivitz, WI 54114

715-757-3894 or 715-757-3359

E-Mail: contact @ pineacresresortinc.com