Marina Guidelines

All customers are required to supply a copy of their boat registration certificate for our records.

All customers are required to supply a minimum of four tubular bumper protectors for each boat (two along each long side). Customers are responsible for safely and securely fastening their boats and accessories to their dock so as not to damage their neighbor’s boat or the property of Pine Acres Resort, Inc. Pine Acres Resort, Inc. accepts no responsibility for your vessel or for damage caused by same as a result of being parked in our marina.

Docking season runs from May 15 to October 15. Boats can be brought in May 15 or later and must be removed from your slip by October 15 of each boating season. Please advise us of your take in/take out plans so that we can accommodate you in an orderly fashion.

The south half of the marina is accessible by footbridge. This bridge is restricted to foot traffic only. We suggest that marina customers continue to use the loading dock area for loading and unloading of guests and supplies before moving your vehicle to the designated dock slip. Please have consideration for the cabin tenants adjacent to the marina.

Carry out all refuse and place recycleables in the designated area north of the footbridge.

Angle parking is suggested in the parking areas. Vehicles should be parked so that Fire Vehicles in-route to the hydrants, by the dock area, can access them easily and quickly.

Please notify Pine Acres Resort, Inc. if you are moving your boat out for service or if someone will be servicing your boat in the marina. Do not move your boat into another customer’s slip without prior approval and notification of Pine Acres Resort, Inc.

All customers must notify Pine Acres Resort, Inc. of their intent to move their boat into or out of their designated slip at the start and completion of the boating season.